Sunday, January 16, 2011

Natural Artist of the Day!


Just recently discovering Muhsinah through my babe,who is a hip-hop head but nevertheless a lover of all types of music,I have really enjoyed listening to her amazing sounds. Her songs bleed with passion and that's great because I am only attracted to music that makes sense. Although Muhsinah is not a mainstream artist, she works hard for the things she is passionate about and this definitely reflects through her songwriting. She is an inspiration to me as an artist and a natural. Plus,I cannot wait until my hair is this length so I can sport this elegant pin up style!By the way, my favorite tracks from her album The Oscillations: Triangle are "Before" and "Gogh Again"! Peace Curlies!

Check out her music :)


  1. Will do!
    Looks like a great artist.

  2. @Abigail: yes she is pretty awesome! thanks :) and ur blog is dope also!