Monday, May 16, 2011

Little hairs....

My hair seems to be breaking off. I don't care about length; I just want thickness and healthiness. Man, idk what to do. Ugh, maybe I am over-exaggerating but really!!! Maybe it's because I mildly neglected my hair the last two weeks...Well, I am settled in now and I am about to maintain a strict regimen. Deep condition weekly now and keeping it protected. I want every strand to reach it's healthiest state EVER!!!!

It's not even bad it's just that my hair is in two strand twist and between the parts I can see little hairs frizzed up....
What do y'all think?!?!?


  1. Maybe you could try doing a protein treatment? I also experienced little breakage and that seemed to remedy the problem. Hope that helped :)

  2. I may try protein! Once I used Giovanni Nutrafix(protein treatment) and my hair was EXTREMELY brittle, but Idk if that's what caused it so I may attempt another protein treatment. Like maybe eggs or something..thanks :)

  3. I would definitely recommend a protein treatment as well (egg)! It worked for me :)

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  4. I have been deep conditioning weekly and now things seem to be back on track!!! But eggs definitely helped also :)) Thanks love