Sunday, December 11, 2011

I love MY Natural!!!

"I love my natural hair simply because it allows me to be uniquely me, without pretenses, without apologies, and without censorship."

I saw this quote from a natural sista and it sparked me to do a post on why I love my natural hair.
 1. I love my natural hair because it gives me such confidence and I love being the only one in the room who "truly" looks different.

2. I love getting long stares from guys and girls, even though the fro seems to intimidate some guys, that just helps me keep away the ones who can't handle me.

3. I love the various textures in my hair. Some sections are loose some are extremely coily, but in my eyes that adds to the beauty of it all.

4. I love the versatility of course!

5. I love the hold that my natural hair gives me. My twistouts and different styles lasts for a least a week!

6. I love how my natural journey has aided me in so many areas of my life: health and fitness, career goals, creativity, my relationship with Christ, and even relationships with people. 

7. I love the HEALTH of my hair. That's all I've ever wanted HEALTHY hair, no matter the length!

These are just a few things I love about this natural journey I've been on for a year now!!What are some things you all enjoy about being natural?!?! Feedback greatly appreciated!!!


  1. I love having the option to have any hairstyle I desire. I also love the uniqueness that my natural hair gives me....

    Great post BTW :)

  2. Thanks so much! I agree so many options with natural hair! Our hair is beautiful!